Sermon Audios

You are invited to listen to the following sermons:

Berkey Fellowship Hall2022 Sermons (audio-visual)

“Holy Friction” (November 27) – Billy Funk, speaker

“The Lord of the Nations” (November 20) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Release and Embrace” (November 6) – Steph Wieand, speaker

“Called Back” (October 16) – Billy Funk, speaker

“The Exodus Initiative” (October 9) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“See the Deliverance That the Lord Will Accomplish for You Today” (October 2) – Steph Wieand, speaker (audio only)

“The Lord Was With Joseph and Showed Him Steadfast Love.” (September 25) – Billy Funk, speaker

“So God sent, so Abram went” (September 18) – Mark Schloneger, speaker (audio only)

“Holding Space for Transformation” (September 11) Installation service for Billy Funk – Eric Frey Martin, guest speaker (audio only)

“Origin Stories” (September 4) – Mark Schloneger, speaker (audio only)

“The Future in the Present” (August 14) – Mark Schloneger, speaker (audio only)

“To Be a Vessel” (August 7) Installation service for Stephanie Wieand – Mag Richer Smith, speaker (audio only)

“Language of Faith” (July 31) – Richard Kauffman, speaker

“Catching Glimpses” (July 24) – Billy Funk, speaker

“Gospel of Peace” (June 26) – Richard Kauffman, speaker

“War, Worship, and Sacrifice” (June 19) – Mark Schloneger, speaker (audio only)

“Cross Purposes” (June 12) – Richard Kauffman, speaker

“The Unfinished City” (June 5) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Best Practices” (May 29) – Richard Kauffman, speaker

“In The Watershed” (May 22) – Mark Schloneger speaker (audio only)

“Let it Be With Me” (May 15) – Steph Wieand speaker (audio only)

“Healing Faith” (May 8) – Mark Schloneger, speaker (audio only)

“The Last Breakfast” (May 1) – Richard Kauffman, speaker

“Pursuing Repair” (April 24, Blessing for the Ground) – Guest Luke Gascho, speaker

“The Art of Resurrection: From Certainty to Openness” (April 17, Easter) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“A Colt Owner’s Tail” (April 10) – Richard Kauffman, speaker (audio only)

“From Scarcity to Abundance” (April 3) – Mark Schloneger, speaker (audio only)

“From Exceptionalism to Inclusion or Will the Real Prodigal Please Stand Up?” (March 27) – Richard Kauffman, speaker (audio only)

“From Earning to Receiving” (March 20) – Mark Schloneger, speaker (audio only)

“From Privilege to Cruciformity” (March 13) – Richard Kauffman, speaker (audio only)

“From Security to Generosity” (March 6) – Mark Schloneger, speaker (audio only)

“The Greatness of God” (February 27) – Richard Kauffman, speaker

“How to Have Enemies” (February 20) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Time for Celebration” (February 13) – Richard Kauffman, speaker

“Here Comes the Queen” (February 6) – Mark Schloneger, speaker (audio only)

“Sabbath Ceasing” (January 16) – Richard Kauffman, speaker

“Rooted and Grounded in Christ’s Love” (January 9) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“The Lord in the Dance” (January 2) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

2021 Sermons (audio-visual)

“Show and Tell” (December 26) – Richard Kauffman, speaker (audio only)

“Viva la Revoluciόn!” (December 19) – Reader’s Theater Speakers: Brian O’Leary, Norah Schloneger, Mark Schloneger (audio only)

“Blessing Place” (December 12) – Richard Kauffman, speaker (audio only)

“Welcome, Child” (December 5) – Mark Schloneger, speaker (audio only)

“Embracing Hope” (November 28) – Mark Schloneger, speaker (audio only)

“A Symphony in 3 Movements” (November 21) – Richard Kauffman, speaker (audio only)

“Seeking Wholeness” (November 14) – Steph Wieand, speaker (audio only)

“Alms From the Poor?” (November 7) – Richard Kauffman, speaker (audio only)

“A Bold Witness” (August 22) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“The Way of Wisdom” (August 15) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Reorientation” (August 8) – Richard A. Kauffman, speaker

“The Power of Bearing Witness” (August 1) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“The Following Christ” (June 27) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“The Power of One” (June 20) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“God of Second Chances” (June 13) – Richard A. Kauffman, speaker

“Life-Laying Love” (April 25) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Seeing is Believing” (April 18) – Richard A. Kauffman, speaker

“Believing with Hope and Resilience” (April 11) – guests from Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary:  Rachel Miller Jacobs, Associate Professor of Congregational Formation, scripture reader; David Boshart, President, speaker

“A Complete Sentence” (April 4) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker audio only

“The Passion in the Palms” (March 28) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Hearts, Minds, and Possession” (March 21) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“It Matters Where We Gaze” (March 14) – Richard A. Kauffman, speaker

“Foolish Knowledge, Wise Mystery” (March 7) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Restoring Trees in God’s Creation” (February 28) – Steve Thomas, guest speaker

“Chosen” (February 21) – Mark Schloneger, speaker audio only

“Nurturing Witness” (February 14) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Being Compassionate . . . to Ourselves” (January 24) – Dan Schrock, speaker

2020 Sermons (audio-visual)

“The Source of Joy” (December 27) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Christ in the Womb” (December 20) – Mark Schloneger, speaker audio only

“Joy before the World” (December 13) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Readiness in Chaos” (November 29) – Elizabeth Miller, speaker

“It’s All God’s” (November 22) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“The Christ to Remember” (November 15) – Mark Schloneger, speaker audio only

“The Bread and the Circus” (November 8) – Mark Schloneger, speaker audio only

“Building Our Capacity for Trust” (October 25) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“-ish” (October 11) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

the Church, sent” (October 4) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Reconciling in a Pandemic” (September 27) – Dan Schrock, speaker

Theme: “the church formed” (September 20) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Both And” (September 6) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker audio only

“The Joseph Project and Jesus” (August 23) – Dan Schrock, speaker audio only

“Reconciling Christ” (August 16) – Mark Schloneger, speaker audio only

“Church in the Weeds” (July 19) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“The Difference of Little Things” (July 26) – Dan Schrock, speaker

2020 Sermons (audio only)

“Yield” (July 12) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Fake News” (July 5) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Within” (June 28) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“The God who Sees” (June 21) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Chasing the Harvest” (June 14) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“We can’t breathe” (June 7) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Looking for the Spirit of Life” (May 31) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Jesus, in particular” (May 17) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Reflections of the way life used to be” (May 10) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“The Long Slog to Communion” (April 26) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“This is a dangerous sermon” (April 19) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“When Every Day is Good Friday” (April 5) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“The Call of the Midwife” (March 8) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“God Our Security” (February 23) – Yeshie Muleta, guest speaker

“Good, Fallen, Redeemed” (January 26) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Come and See” (Janaury 19) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Where the Dove Went” (January 12) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Stars, Signs, and Salvation” (January 5) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

2019 Sermons

“The Other Half of the Story” (December 29) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“A Vulnerable God” (December 22) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“The Shining Star” (December 15) – Children’s Christmas Program

“Are we there yet?” (December 1) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“The Spirituality of the Blues” (November 10) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“#blessed” (November 3) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Nagging God” (October 20) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Church as Exile” (October 13) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Introverts in the Church” (October 6) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“The Kingdom of God is Among You” (September 29) – Karla Minter, guest speaker

“From Loneliness to Solitude” (September 22) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“The Parable of the Disgraced Father” (September 15) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“What it Takes” (September 8) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“From Scarcity to Abundance” (September 1) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“The Vineyard of Sour Grapes” (August 18) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

Convention Sharing: “Peace with Us: Reflections from MennoCon19” (August 11) – Mark Schloneger, John D. Roth, Isaac Sawatzky

“Under the Broom Tree” (August 4) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Parable not Prophecy” (July 28) – Missy Kauffman Schrock, speaker

“The Family Tree” (July 21) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Good Grief” (July 7) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“The God Who Sees” (June 30) – Joe Sawatzky, speaker

“Embracing our Goodness” (June 23) – Patrick Obonde, guest speaker

“Between Two Trees” (June 16) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Holy Disrupted” (June 9) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Family Ties That Bind” (June 2) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“New Creation beyond Resistance” (May 26) – Grant Miller, speaker

“Avant-garde God” (May 19) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“The Converting Community” (May 5) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Putting Faith in Doubt” (April 28) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Out of the Dust” (April 21, Easter) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“March of the Kingdoms” (April 14) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“The Extravagant Disciple” (April 7) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Crossing the Chasm” (March 31) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Repent” (March 24) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“A Hen in the Fox House” (March 17) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Saving God” (March 10) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“A Whole and Holy Mind” (March 3) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“In Deep” (February 10) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Ten Thousand Ways” (January 27) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Becoming Aware and Giving Our Consent” (January 20) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“…and the Glory of the Lord” (January 6) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“The Wall WILL Happen?” (January 13) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

2018 Sermons

“Augustus vs. Jesus” (December 30) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Speechless Wonder” (December 9) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“A Black Rook in Rainy Weather” (December 2) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Help! Wow! Thanks!” (November 25) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“The Next Great Adventure” (November 18) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Conformed Resistance” (November 11) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“The Caravan of My People” (November 4) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Weight Lifting” (October 14) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Doors, not Walls” (September 16) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Plenty Good Room?” (September 9) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“From Exclusion to Inclusion: Eunuchs in the Bible” (September 2) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Stages of Discipleship” (August 19) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Joy and Resistance in a Time of Fear” (August 5) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“The Joy of Sabbath” (July 8) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Struggle and Joy” (July 1) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“A Grace Received” (June 24) – Clare Krabill, speaker

“When All is Falling Apart Around Us – God is at Work to Use Us” (June 17) – Oscar Siwali, speaker

“Maintaining Faith amidst the Challenges of Peace in Colombia”  (May 27) – Jenny Neme, speaker

“Stretching, Propelling Spirit-Wind” (May 20) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Finding Jesus in the Stranger” (May 13) – Richard Aguirre, speaker

“Finding Home in the Sojourn” (May 6) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“What is Sin?” (April 29) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Humbly, Fervently Draw Near” (April 22) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Through Bolted Doors” (April 8) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Wild Peace” (March 25) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Talking about LGBTQ Inclusion” (March 18) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Wild Courage” (March11) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Getting Angry with Jesus” (March 4) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Wild Dignity” (February 25) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Being Alone with the Alone” (February 18) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“The More of God” (February 11) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Come and See” (February 4) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Going Home by another Route” (January 7) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

2017 Sermons

“Preparing the Way for Blessedness” (December 10) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Enthusiastic Collaborators” (December 3) – Dan Schrock, speaker

Untitled Sermon (November 26) – Ron Moyo, speaker

“For all the Saints” (November 19) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Uncomfortable Questions” (November 12) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Eyes Wide Open” (October 29) – Mariah Martin, speaker

“Tending Community in God’s Mission” (October 22) – Sherm Kauffman, speaker

“The Enchanted Life” (October 15) – Gwen Gustafson-Zook, speaker

“Communion and Community” (October 8) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“A Kerfuffle over Skin Color” (October 1) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Tending the Mission of God in the World” (September 24, 2017) – Sherm Kauffman, speaker

“Tending the Soul” (September 10, 2017) – Sherm Kauffman, speaker

“The Tables of Solidarity” (July 30, 2017) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Hospitality as a Sacrifice” (July 16, 2017) – Joe Sawatzky, speaker