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September 8, 2019

What It Takes

A few years back, a Super Bowl commercial for Doritos and Pepsi Max was pulled before it had the chance to be aired. That’s because a lot of Christians complained that it was too offensive. Letters were written, petitions were circulated, and some vowed never to eat Doritos or drink Pepsi again. Given the controversial […]

August 12, 2018

Breakfast is Ready

This past week my friend played a song for me that she and her husband would sing together, especially after his Alzheimer’s diagnoses and throughout his illness. I did not know this song, but maybe you do. Lyrics were something like this: We are going. Heaven knows where we are going. It will be hard […]

October 16, 2016

Remembering how we got here

This evening as the sun goes down, Succoth will begin.  Succoth is known in the English Bible as the “Feast of Tabernacles’” or the “Feast of Booths.”  It is a 7-day festival, described in Leviticus, that Jews around the world will observe.  It might be better and more accurate for us to call Succoth “the […]

March 6, 2016

Two Lost Sons

Most of my life I’ve assumed that this parable is about repentance and forgiveness. People get to the theme of repentance and forgiveness partly by focusing on the younger son, often called the prodigal son. People also get to this interpretation from verses 18 and 19. In those verses the starving younger son decides to […]

August 18, 2013


Today the gospel of Luke confronts us with some very difficult words of Jesus. Jesus sounds as though he’s come to bust up the nuclear family: 51Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division! 52From now on five in one household will be […]