Creation Care

Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship is a congregational member of Mennonite Creation Care Network (MCCN).

MCCN encourages the Church to:

  • Claim its biblical and theological foundation regarding the care of God’s Creation.
  • Discover the ties that link all created beings to each other and to God.
  • Confess the harm we have caused the natural world and our neighbors.
  • Act faithfully to restore the earth.

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Creation Care at Berkey

Did you know that since 2010 Berkey has done many things to care for creation in more responsible ways? Here’s a list:

Installed 26kw solar system:
View solar production information.

To save energy:
Insulated the floor under the sanctuary
Added insulation over the office areas
Purchased a more efficient refrigerator
Removed less efficient bulbs and replaced them with more efficient bulbs
Installed “smart” thermostats
Installed timer switches in the restrooms
Installed electronic ballasts for many fluorescent fixtures

Installed a metal roof over the sanctuary (which can be recycled, unlike asphalt)
Cardboard, cans, and bottles
Compost coffee grounds

Using our land well:
In 2009 we started a community garden.  Currently there are 27 plots.  Approximately 50 percent who have garden plots are occupied by non-Berkey attenders.

In 2016 planted a wildflower garden.

From 2013 to 2017 we raised and sold 500 pds. of potatoes per year raise money for Model School and MCC (2013-2017).

Held a summer intergenerational class related to creation
Taught the “Every Creature Singing” adult elective
Taught a series on the stewardship of creation for the MYF

Used the “Creation Waits” worship series

Creation Care Congregational Survey: 2019 

Berkey identified the following priorities for Creation Care:

  • Continue to provide space for a community garden for attenders and Berkey neighbors
  • Continue to provide play space for children
  • Install additional solar panels to offset the burning of fossil fuels
  • Plant additional trees that would eventually become a wooded area
  • Create a memorial garden
  • Create outdoor spaces for meditation and worship
  • Install walking paths and trails

Congregational Action

August, 2021,the congregation approved a plan to raise money $150,000. for the creation of a columbarium, outdoor worship space, and a wooded area to go along with our community garden and our wildflower garden. (Image to right provided by Rafael Barahona.)

Tree Planting: April  15 &16, 2022 – (Good Friday and Saturday)

Thanks to generous grant by JoinTrees of Mennonite Men 100 volunteers, ages 4 to 84 participated in the planting of 700 trees.

To view a video of the planting click here. 

To view a list of trees planted and a profile of their personalities click here. 

January 2023 – StoneRidge Landscaping had completed the majority of the work of installing the memorial garden, columbarium and outdoor worship space.

Creation of a Labyrinth and Walking Paths

In June of 2023 Berkey members installed a labyrinth in the wildflower garden and created walking paths.