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James Yoder shares this note of thanks: “Eight months ago, when I ordered trees, I had only a vague sense of what would be required to successfully plant 700 trees in two days. It is with a great sense of gratitude that I say thank you to all who contributed time and energy to this effort. I extend thanks to the following:
–To the Berkey leadership who sanctioned and provided counsel for this activity.
–To our congregation who provided financial and spiritual resources for tree planting.
–To Steve Thomas and Mennonite Men who gave guidance and a grant to make this project possible.
–To those who removed trees and cut logs to prepare the field for planting.
–To the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for providing quality seedlings for planting.
–For everyone who broke the soil and planted trees.
–For those who came to provide moral support.
–For those who supported family members so they could participate.
–For those who prayed for the success of the activity.
–For those who took photos.
–For the MYF, sponsors, and parents who carefully spread mulch around the trees and saw the project to its completion at 2:00pm Saturday afternoon.”

Follow the links below to see Berkey Outdoor Sanctuary images:

  • Three Acre View
  • Memorial Garden View
  • Memorial Garden View with Notes