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June 26, 2022

Gospel of Peace

Gospel of Peace

We are willful human beings. Our wills bump up against each other. This can lead to conflict, alienation, enmity. Sometimes our offences against each other are small and we can just move on. Other times they are large and need to be attended to. Otherwise, relationships can break down—there is no longer a sense of […]

January 9, 2022

Rooted and Grounded in Christ’s Love

Rooted and Grounded in Christ’s Love

Giant sequoias can grow to over three hundred feet tall, weigh over twelve million pounds, and are known to have lived over three thousand years. In terms of sheer size, there is no other tree that comes close to the giant sequoia, and there are trees standing today that were alive when David became king […]

November 21, 2021

A Symphony in 3 Movements

A Symphony in 3 Movements

I’ll let you in on a little family secret: At one time I was known in my family for driving on an empty tank of gas. Family members knew that if they drove my car, their first task might be to go straight to a gas station to get some gas. It was partly strategic: […]

October 24, 2021

Did Job Get a Passing Grade?

Did Job Get a Passing Grade?

“Have you considered my servant Job?” That’s a question God asks twice in the book of Job. Yes, for the last 3 Sundays, and yet again this morning we are considering God’s servant, Job. I remind you what this Job story is about. Job is put to the test: Satan—not the devil but one of […]

August 16, 2020

Reconciling Christ

Before we feast on the scripture before us this morning, let me set the table for you. After his brothers sold him into slavery Joseph – in an incredible turn of events – winds up in Egypt and becomes Pharaoh’s right hand man, the second in command, the overseer of the land. Now, there’s a […]

September 15, 2019

The Parable of the Disgraced Father

For most of my life, I have heard stories about the first house that my parents lived in. It was known to them and their neighbors as The Mengises. Mengis was the last name of the first owners of this house. So, in that rural community in Wayne County, Ohio the Schlonegers lived at the […]

May 5, 2019

The Converting Community

Restrictions for the Gorham Subdivision; Goshen, Indiana; Recorded October 24, 1946 at ten o’clock AM. The following restrictions are incorporated into the Plat and are to be recorded as an integral part thereof, and the said plat is subject thereto.  All lots in the tracts shall be known and described as residential lots. . . […]

March 31, 2019

Crossing the Chasm

A friend of mine was recently asked to speak at a major denominational meeting. For his talk, he chose a topic he was passionate about. It was a topic he knew really, really well because he had been thinking about it for at least 10 years. So when he sat down to write his speech, […]

February 17, 2019

For This Reason

For this reason. Those are the first three words of our scripture text this morning. For this reason, Paul writes, he prays to God for the church in Ephesus. Tomorrow, I’ll be traveling to Laurelville Mennonite Church Center in Pennsylvania for a meeting of the Values-Based Leadership Program. This has been helpful for me to […]

May 6, 2018

Finding Home in the Sojourn

In July of 2015, Bob and I put our belongings into a storage unit and left Iowa City, anticipating that we would be homeless for a maximum of 5 months. Well, we were wrong. It has been almost 3 years of living out of a suitcase and being very dependent on the next generous offer […]

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