Reconciling Christ

August 16, 2020


Before we feast on the scripture before us this morning,
let me set the table for you.
After his brothers sold him into slavery
Joseph – in an incredible turn of events –
winds up in Egypt and becomes Pharaoh’s right hand man,
the second in command, the overseer of the land.
Now, there’s a famine back in Canaan,
and Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt looking for grain.
They plead their case before the powerful Joseph,
bowing before him, but they didn’t recognize him.
Joseph kind of likes that — what an excellent development, he thinks —
he likes the power that he has over his brothers.
In fact, he makes them fear for their lives.
He accuses them of being spies,
and then he sets up his younger brother, Benjamin, to make him look like a thief.
His brothers tear their clothes in anguish and beg Joseph to release Benjamin.
Yadda, yadda, yadda,


Bible References

  • Genesis 45:1 - 15