Resources for Congregations

Pastors and Church Leaders. Peace Sunday Material, Writings, Litanies, Prayers and more.
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Resources for Adults

Peace and justice resources for adults.
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Resources for Children

Resources for Children: Reading Lists, Games and other ways children can learn peace.
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Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents and Care Givers. Writings, Prayers and Lists of materials available to teach Peace and Justice to Children.
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Resources for Youth

Resources for Youth: Writings, Reading Lists, Activities to teach youth about Peace and Justice.
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Resources for Military Personnel

Military Discharges and Regulations, Lists of Agencies that can help you rethink your participation in war.
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Peace Resources List

This growing list includes books, videos, and websites that have come to our attention as moving in the direction of shalom.
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Photo Gallery

Peace and Justice Support Network Photo Gallery.
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Olive Branches and Dove Tales Newsletters

Online copies of the PJSN Newsletter and Resources mailings.
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