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A small committee will be making Berkey’s first cookbook to raise funds for Berkey and for a community agency. They would like each family to participate in the project​ by submitting 1-3 favorite recipes​.​ With your recipes:

  • Share why the​y are your favorite (50 words or less).
  • ​T​ype or print ​the recipes ​on 8 1/2​”​ ​x 11​”​ paper. ​Use ​only ​one side of the paper; do not fold​.
  • Specify which category you would like your recipes to be​ listed under. (ex. salads, desserts, etc.) ​
  • ​Put your first & last name on the recipes.

A​ll recipes​ should be turned​ in by March 25th. Please put ​them in Leah Garboden’s mailbox.