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Thank you to all the amazing children and adults at Berkey Ave. Mennonite for your energy and enthusiasm in collecting $824.28 for My Coins Count (MyCC) this year. Your collection, along with the special 50th Anniversary push for matches from local businesses helped raise over $210,000 to support water and other projects through My Coins Count. Your funds help build handwashing stations to allow girls to attend school in Uganda, irrigate crops for farmers in India, provide water catchment systems to water vegetable gardens in Honduras and Guatemala, and pipe water into poor people’s homes is Egypt. Your support offers more than just life-giving water, it offers hope to families struggling with challenging circumstances. Thank you for your generosity and creativity in sharing the love of Christ around the world through Mennonite Central Committee and My Coins Count. – Les Gustafson-Zook, MyCC Coordinator, Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale.