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Are you being called to help our local community deal with the COVID-19 outbreak? The Mission Commission is considering an additional way for Berkey to provide tangible support during this time. The general idea is to distribute food and basic staples to persons with a higher risk for covid-19. We do not want to duplicate services already available in Goshen through organizations like the Center for Healing & Hope or The Window, and we are hoping to support locally owned grocers/ businesses. Although there are many details to be figured out, we see this as a way for our congregation to be Christ’s loving, healing, caring presence. Do you have the time or passion to explore this possibility further? Volunteers are needed to consult/ coordinate from the safety of your home as well as others to actually provide shopping and delivery! If you are interested, please contact anyone on the Mission Commission (Jenny Miller, Darin Short, Rafael Barahona, Laura Horst and Pastor Joanne Gallardo).