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Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary invites you to any of the following:

Advanced Spiritual Guidance Seminar

Daniel P. Schrock
Seven Saturdays in 2013-14

This yearlong supervised program in spiritual guidance is for spiritual directors who wish to enhance their training and skills, fostering competence and maturity in the practice of spiritual direction through action and guided reflection.
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Short Course: Engaging John Howard Yoder’s Theology Today

Online, non-credit, six weeks
Gayle Gerber Koontz
Wednesday, September 11-Tuesday, October 22

This short course invites participants to discuss and evaluate some of Yoder’s writings on 1) the nature and mission of the church; and 2) nonviolence. Some attention will be given to the intersection of Yoder’s life and thought.
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Webinar: Planting Peace Churches: The Heart of God’s Shalom Strategy

Mauricio Chenlo, Jaime Lázaro, André Gingerich Stoner
Tuesday, September 10, 2:00-3:30 p.m. EDT

Shalom. That’s shorthand for what God intends for the world. Catch a vision for planting peace churches. Consider different church planting models. Hear stories of successes and challenges. Learn about initiatives within Mennonite Church USA and beyond.
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Believing Out Loud: Finding your Preaching Voice

Preaching Seminar
Allan Rudy-Froese
Tuesday-Wednesday, November 5-6 and Monday, January 27

“Wear loose-fitting clothing. This gets physical,” says Professor Allan Rudy-Froese of his upcoming Preaching Seminar. “Preaching is a physical activity where mind, body, voice, and passion are engaged, yet often the preacher prepares the sermon seated on a chair in the silence of the church office.” By preparing for and practicing sermons out loud, students will discover much about, and gain new confidence in their preaching voices.
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