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Silverwood Mennonite Church invites you to an art exhibit which will be a part of First Fridays next week. The “Arab Artists in Exile” exhibit brings to light one part of our world where Arab artists have fled from violence in the Middle East. “Arab Artists in Exile” will bring Middle East refugee art to the First Friday art tour at The Electric Brew on November 1 and 2 and a parallel exhibit to the Everence Financial office on November 2, 9 and 16 mornings.  This exhibit will also include a silent auction at both locations.

“Artists in Exile” is organized by the New York City non-profit group Common Humanity. Mel Lehman, the Director of Common Humanity who traveled to Damascus several times before the current war to meet with Iraqi refugee artists, said, “Visitors to this exhibit will get a rare chance to see something of the heart and soul of several of the perhaps 4 million Iraqis who have been displaced as refugees to nearby countries and within Iraq itself.  The exhibit gives the opportunity to do something positive in response to all of the violence we continually read about in the Middle East.”

Please contact Steve Bustos at (574) 320-2219 or at with questions.