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During the last week in March we will welcome 700 new members to our Berkey community. The DNR is preparing 700 tree seedlings for adoption by Berkey. Our new members will be 2 to 3 years old and will require specialized care. Nearly 70 percent of our new members will be Oak trees. Before Elkhart County land was cleared for farming, Oak trees dominated the landscape. Oaks are the keystone of our local ecosystems. If properly cared for, we anticipate our new members will provide us with clean air, prevent flooding, provide a home for over 600 different species of insects, and food that can be eaten by 100 different animals.  
       In the coming weeks everyone will be offered opportunities to welcome our newest Berkey members. To learn more about the exceptional qualities of oak trees, enjoy this presentation by Doug Talalamy, on The Rich Ecology of our most Essential Native Trees.

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  ~ Berkey Outdoor Sanctuary Committee: Bryan Heinz, Ruth Miller Roth, James Yoder, Mark Yoder, and Peter Shetler (trustee).