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Are you wondering what to call the 3 acres of land that will include our Memorial-meditation garden, worship space, community gardens, wildflower prairie, prayer labyrinth, forest, and paths connecting all these parts? It’s called Berkey Outdoor Sanctuary. We hope this name captures well the purpose and identity of the various parts of this unique space, which we hope can all be places of sanctuary for our congregation, neighborhood, and community. The committee in place to carry out the plans for Berkey Outdoor Sanctuary includes Ruth Miller Roth (chair), Mark Yoder, Bryan Heinz, James Yoder, and Peter Shetler (trustee). Bryan Heinz will be project manager for Phases 1 and 2, which will include the Memorial Garden and outdoor worship space. James Yoder will be project manager of Phase 3, which involves the wooded area. We’re grateful for the expertise and energy both Bryan and James bring as project managers. Because of the long-term nature of planting and creating a woods, James’ role will be a more long term commitment. Please note that the 3 acre visual below is not the final drawing and is missing some parts. We hope it at least gives you an idea of the overall space. The committee will give updates throughout the coming weeks and months as we move forward as a congregation on this exciting project.

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