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At the direction of Creation Care Committee, an ad-hoc group has been tasked with developing a plan for Eco-Friendly development of the outside spaces of our Berkey property. This ad-hoc committee identified two primary objectives for immediate focus:

  1. Increase accessibility and congregational use of the outdoor spaces of our church property.
  2. Develop a long term plan for our property that decreases our carbon footprint.

At this time the group’s priorities are as follows:

  1. Create a proposal for the location and design of a Memorial Garden.
  2. Increase our capacity to produce solar energy.
  3. Maintain and develop spaces for our children and youth, and inter-generational activities.
  4. Promote our Community Garden space.

Several long term interests have been identified and the group will share those items with you as the plans crystallize. They value your input and feedback as they go forward.

Please take time to complete an on-line survey which will be sent to you or speak with one of the members of the group: Brandon Yoder, Mark Yoder, Ruth Miller Roth, Lowell Nafziger, Greg Smucker and James Yoder.