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You’re probably wondering where our new chairs are for the sanctuary. A few months ago, Sauder Church Furniture, the manufacturer, learned their textile supplier went bankrupt. This put our chair order on hold. Sauder has just partnered with a new textile supplier who can replicate the fabric on our chairs. However, we will have to buy a full roll of fabric (50 yards). Our current order of 52 chairs will only use 37 yards of that roll. Sauder says they will ship us the extra 13 yards of fabric so we can store it here at the church for a future order.

Rather than storing 13 yards of fabric for several years, the Coordinating Council thinks it would be better to gather enough money to use up the entire 50-yard roll. Would you like to contribute to this effort? The extra 13 yards of fabric are enough to make 18 chairs. If we can raise an extra $2,550, then we can order 71 new chairs. With the 108 new chairs we already have, our total would then be 179 new chairs in the sanctuary.

A side benefit of this plan is that all of our adult classrooms can then use brown chairs instead of metal folding chairs, which in turn leaves more metal chairs for fellowship meals. The Council is soliciting contributions until Easter Sunday, April 5. If you want to help buy these 18 extra chairs, mark your gift for the “Chair Fund.”