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In December, January, and February, Dan Schrock is offering a class on spiritual discernment. At many moments in life we face decisions. Now that college is over, which job should I pursue? Which of the two graduate schools that I’m thinking about fits better with God’s call? My spouse and I have been married for a while; is this the right time to try to have children? My current job no longer seems like a good fit, so should I make a change? Now that I’m retired, I spend a lot of time sitting around; what good things can I do for others? Has the time come for me to sell my house and move to a retirement community? Decisions like these invite us to practice spiritual discernment, which is the art of identifying God’s call and sifting out the things that work against God’s call.

This class will focus on helping you make big and small decisions like these. The class will be most useful if you bring a real decision that you’re currently facing. If not, you can come with a simple wish to learn more about spiritual discernment. We’ll be using Living into the Answers: A Workbook for Personal Spiritual Discernment, by Valerie Isenhower and Judith Todd.