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You are invited to join the Colombia Mission Team for a Fundraising Tea between Worship and Sunday school this Sunday, February 24. The team is hoping to raise funds for a “Love Gift” for Elizabeth and Neil, MCC Colombia and their partners. If you would like to make a financial contribution, make your checks out to either Berkey Avenue or MCC with MCC Colombia in the memo.

In addition to dollars, our Mission Team will take a suitcase filled with personal notes, cards and gifts. Follow this link to see suggested gifts. To avoid sending multiples of the same item, please put your name by the items you plan to bring.

For more information please talk to one of the Team members: Laura Horst, Dick and Nancy Yoder, Mike and Patsy Sherer, Leah Garboden, Joanne Gallardo, Curt Wenger, Tom and Anetta Good, Rick and Joy Hostetter.