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Please Join the Colombia Mission Team for a Fundraising Tea between church and Sunday school on February 24. They are hoping to raise funds for a “Love Gift” for Elizabeth and Neil,  MCC Colombia and their partners. The team will deliver these gifts in person. In addition to dollars, a suitcase will also be filled with personal notes, cards and gifts. Families may want to think of meaningful books, food, or other items that would show our love and support of their work and lives there. Here are some additional suggestions from the MCCers in Colombia:

Office supplies
-Dry erase markers 
-Markers for coloring (Crayola or similar), fine tip
-Glue sticks (10?)
-Full size stapler + box of staples
-Ball-point pens, black
-Clear packing tape (1 roll)
-coaching or referee whistles (to keep in our emergency kit)
-a used backpack 

Materials for MCC Team Retreats
-Dutch Blitz (1)
-Rook (1)
-kid’s coloring books
-adult coloring books

-Pepto Bismol tablets
-digital thermometer (for office first aid kit)

For more information please talk to one of the Team members: Laura Horst, Dick and Nancy Yoder, Mike and Patsy Sherer, Leah Garboden, Joanne Gallardo, Curt Wenger, Tom and Anetta Good, Rick and Joy Hostetter.