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The Colossian Way study group on human sexuality will begin on February 5. We are so grateful for the interest people have expressed in this group. While it would be wonderful to accommodate everyone, this is a pilot project through the Colossian Forum, and because we need consistent attendance at every meeting, we have asked people to participate in the group who have committed to be present. We think they represent the diversity of our congregation in terms of age, gender and theological spectrum, and are so grateful for their willingness to engage this conversation on behalf of the congregation. We covet your prayers for this process and for those involved: Facilitators, Hannah Canaviri and Joe Liechty, and Participants, Cindy Baker, Gregg Beitler, Abbe Buller, Adam Derstine, Ruth Hathaway, Bev Krabill,Seth Krabill, Jenny Miller, Richard Miller, and Sarah Morrison.