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Our next congregational meal and meeting will happen on Sunday, November 20. The meeting’s agenda includes:

1.  Approve minutes of the August meeting.
2.  Receive a financial update from the Stewardship and Finance Commission.
3.  Discuss (and perhaps approve) the child abuse policy and the guidelines for dealing with alleged sexual harassment.
4.  Update from the SLT on conversations about growth.
5.  SLT’s clarification on the term limits proposal passed at the August congregational meeting:

Beginning September 1, 2017, all new terms for SLT and commission members will last for 2 years, whether the person is starting a term in that position for the first, second, or third time.  A person may serve up to three 2-year terms (i.e., 6 years) before ending their service in that role.
  Persons who accepted a 3-year term beginning either on 9-1-2015 or on 9-1-2016 may continue that 3-year term until it expires, even if it means they will serve 7, 8, or 9 continuous years in that role.
  If persons complete a term of service on 8-31-2017 and have served 5 years in that role, they may be eligible to begin a 1-year term on 9-1-2017 if the Leadership Discernment Team needs a 1-year term to balance term lengths within a commission.
  If persons complete a term of service on 8-31-2017 and have served 6 years in that role, they will have reached their limit for serving in that role.