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After a potluck on August 21, we’ll have a congregational meeting with only three agenda items. Since Greg Smucker needs to be out of town that weekend, Anita Mounsithiraj will lead the meeting.

1)  Approve minutes of the May 15 meeting.

2)  Discuss and vote on the budget for 2016-17.

3)  Discuss and vote on the following motion from the SLT:  “The Spiritual Leadership Team moves that we change term lengths for the SLT and the commissions from three years to two years, with a possibility of serving up to three consecutive terms. People who are currently serving three year terms will continue to do so. These changes will begin in the 2017-18 church year for all new persons who join the SLT or a commission.” Approving this motion will require changes to Berkey’s Constitution. To see how the Constitution would change, click here.