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Click here for the long-awaited Congregational Review! It reviews most aspects of Berkey life. Therefore, it is long and we recommend that you set aside an hour to complete the survey.
       All active attenders (high school age and older) are encouraged to complete the survey. We ask for your name on the survey. Data gathered will be handled with strict confidentiality and discarded after tabulation. Members of the Spiritual Leadership Team (not pastors) will tabulate the data and present information to the commissions and pastors. No names will be attached to any comments used in the final reports. Without prior permission, no names will be shared with the pastors or attached to any comments used in the final reports.
       We realize that we aren’t meeting together now. Believing that is temporary, we ask you to answer the survey questions as you think about when we were meeting together and anticipate meeting together again.
       If you would like a paper copy of the review, please contact the church office.
       If you have questions about the survey, you may contact any lay member of the Spiritual Leadership Team for an answer from the team, or you may contact Jenny at the church office who can direct your question to the SLT.
       Lay members of the Spiritual Leadership Team are Joe Liechty, Lois Mast, Lisa Heinz, Ruth Miller Roth, and Shirley Dick. 
       Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.  Your feedback is important.