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Several Sunday’s ago John Roth made an announcement about an upcoming Mennonite World Conference (MWC) “Renewal 2027” event that will be taking place in Kisumu, Kenya on April 21. MWC is expecting 600-800 local Kenyan Mennonites to participate in the event, including a significant number of young people who will be spending two nights sleeping in a school. Roth promised to raise some funds to pay for mattresses ($4-6/each) to help make this possible. Thanks very much to those you have contributed. If you still want to make a contribution, Stewardship and Finance has suggested making the gift to BAMF with “MWC Mattresses” on the memo line. Anything received beyond the amount needed for the mattresses will support other expenses related to the Kisumu Renewal 2027 event. Contact John D. Roth with questions.