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Here at Berkey, sharing time is an important way in which we connect with each other. It is a highly valued part of our congregational life by many people. Over the last number of years, the deacons (Caregiving Commission) have talked about sharing time: what its purpose is, how to improve it, how to best lead it. Two years ago, we surveyed the congregation to receive your input on sharing time, and to experiment with different ways of leading sharing time. More recently, the challenges around sharing time have been more evident. Given the conversations that have happened over the years, the deacons (including the new deacons, the continuing and the outgoing deacons) and pastors are proposing these basic guidelines for sharing time in order to make this a place that is safe for all voices.

1. Speak from the heart, sharing your own story or experience.
2. Speak in a manner that communicates Christ’s loving, caring, healing presence. Refrain from judging other people, or sharing their stories without their permission.
3. Speak leanly, being mindful that others also want to share.

We will test these guidelines for a time, modifying and adapting them as we go along. We welcome your counsel. We will begin this practice on September 7.

~ Deacons and Pastors