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As part of our funding plan for the solar panels we intend to install on our church, Jennifer Schrock is applying for a grant for $5,000 from Mennonite Creation Care Network. One requirement of the grant is that the congregation evaluate past progress on various aspects of creation care and set goals for the future. This must be done rapidly because the grant is due October 31. Here’s how you can help contribute to our solar project:

Visit the Mennonite Creation Care Network website and click on the Assess Your Church tab under Make it Greener. Review the Greener Congregation Score Sheet there and email Jennifer any thoughts you have on any of the categories. Jennifer is especially interested in hearing where you personally have energy around any of these questions.

This Sunday during the Christian Education hour, Jennifer would like to meet with anyone interested in reflecting on the following questions:
How are we doing with creation care at home? Do we routinely challenge each other toward lower consumption lifestyles? How might we give more attention to this?
How are we doing with creation care in congregational life? Do committees and other groups consider environmental impacts when making decisions? How might we give more attention to this?
Are we aware of the ways in which poor people bear the brunt of environmental problems? Do we participate in mission activities that promote ecological justice? Is this a growth area for us?
If this is of interest to you, please email Jennifer in advance so she knows what size space we will need.