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Paula’s Background:
Paula Killough was born in Maine and raised in Florida. She discovered the Mennonite Church of Denver, Colorado in 1980. After pursuing a career in retail and marketing in Seattle, she sensed a call to ministry and began attending AMBS, graduating in 2008. Then, for 9 years she worked at Mennonite Mission Network, where she used her seminary training and marketing/fundraising experience. She has one son and daughter, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
Deep Listening:
As Berkey transitions from the past with beloved pastors, to the future with new pastors, taking time to pause and reflect will be important. Paula has been called to guide Berkey through a deep listening process, listening from an outside perspective.
What is the purpose of the contact?
Learning more about each household will be essential for Paula’s listening. She is interested in how you experience Berkey, as well as concerns you have. This will give a snapshot of how the congregation is experiencing “intimacy with God and with each other.”
When and Where will the meetings happen?
During the months of September, October and most of November, Paula will be listening to the congregation outside of the church context. A spreadsheet is available for you to sign up at a time that is convenient. She has time slots on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, beginning September 5, 2017. The spreadsheet is shared with you on Google, with instructions to follow. If you do not have access to the sheet, please email the office. She is also open to making appointments outside of the hours that are set aside. Meetings should be in a setting that suits you: your home, the church library, a local restaurant or another location that you prefer.
Should my children be present?
Paula would enjoy interacting with your children, if that is suitable. Parents may choose either way.
What will happen when we meet?
Paula will have a set of questions to get to know you, and Berkey better. She will then create a final summary report, giving the SLT a deep understanding of what leadership and initiatives are needed for the future in order for God to be glorified within the congregation.

*A formal introduction will be held at the congregational meeting, and a flyer with this information has been distributed to mailboxes.*