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A year ago, Berkey was one of several congregations piloting the Colossian Way (CW), a curriculum and process for addressing issues that are contentious in the general culture and in many churches, in this case the inclusion of LGBTQ persons in the church. For a sense of the view the CW process. The genius of the CW approach is to work directly and yet positively, in the spirit that confronting complex issues in healthy and redemptive ways offers an opportunity for Christian spiritual formation and discipleship.

From February through April, Berkey is launching a second Colossian Way group, led by Cindy Baker and Joe Liechty. Cindy and Joe introduced CW in the January 14 worship service. More information will be shared during the next two Sundays. Those interested in participating and able to make the commitment should indicate their interest to pastors Dan Schrock and Joanne Gallardo, who will work with Cindy and Joe to form a representative group of 10.