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This year the Lent Committee has chosen the overall theme: “Show Us.” Lent is a time of waiting, opening our hearts and minds to Jesus. We take a posture of open arms, asking that God “show us” who God is, who we are, and our direction forward as followers of Christ. “Show us” can mean many different things, and we want to remain open to the different ways this theme will be experienced. Some of us may be asking God to show us grace, love, or comfort, while others are asking to be discomforted and moved toward mission in a more concrete way. As Berkey has been engaging a goal and movement toward discerning our mission, both personally and congregationally, our hope for Lent is to include this aspect of “show us” in our worship. Throughout this theme we are asking Jesus to show us what is needed from us as we seek to be available for God’s mission. Each service will include a ritual and opportunity for prayer or silence in response to God.

The sharing of joys and concerns will be suspended throughout Lent and on Easter Sunday. However, we will still have a congregational prayer. Therefore if you have a prayer request, you should send it by Friday to the person who is leading the prayer on Sunday. Need to know who that person is? Look in the right-hand column of your newsletter, under the section titled, “Our Worship.” – The Lent Committee