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Lent begins on February 22. During this time, we will have a worship series on “The Rituals of Loss and Remembrance” in which we examine our practices around loss, grief and death and dying. We recognize that each one of us experiences losses of many kinds throughout our lives, some of which mark us permanently and affect us deeply. We also recognize that hearing stories of loss and grief can open up old wounds and bring back a loss in new ways. If you find that you are struggling in a new way with grief, or experiencing difficulty in carrying your grief, please talk to Dan, Marilyn or a trusted friend.

The topics we will cover in this series are:
February 22: The Ritual of Remembering: Funerals and Memorial Services
March 1: The Journey of Grieving
March 8: Stories of Loss
March 15: Responding to Loss
March 22: Preparing for our own dying and death
March 29: Jesus’ Journey toward his own death
April 5: Easter Sunday: The meaning of resurrection

Please also note that on Thursday, April 2, we will have a family-friendly Maundy Thursday supper and service together, beginning at 6 pm. This will be a potluck of simple finger foods: bread, cheese and fruit.