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This is the last Sunday to renew subscriptions at the group rate to Rejoice! and Purpose and The Mennonite. Checks should be written out to Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship and handed directly to Jenny Hooley or placed in the Office Manager’s mailbox (not the offering) by this Sunday, May 12. See prices and descriptions below:

Rejoice! ($30.40): Nurture your soul through the quarterly devotional magazine, Rejoice! Each day’s entry includes a Scripture reading, a short inspirational message, and a prayer response. The magazine also includes touching stories, poems, and daily prayer requests representing Mennonite mission workers, schools, and church agencies.

Purpose ($28.35): Let Purpose fill your heart and enrich your daily Christian walk with inspirational stories, columns, and verse. This monthly magazine regularly features articles on food, peace, humor, and includes resources for faithful living.

The Mennonite ($37): The Mennonite is a publication of Mennonite Church USA, which established three purposes for the publication:
To provide a forum for the voices within the denomination.
To promote the ministries of Mennonite Church USA.
To offer an editorial voice distinct from but collaborative with other leadership voices.
The mission of The Mennonite is to help readers glorify God, grow in faith and become agents of healing and hope in our world.