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The  MCC  Great  Lakes peace and justice focus for November and December is immigration.  The  holiday  season  is  a  good  opportunity for our church communities   to  identify  with  the  immigration  of  God’s  people  from persecution  into  land  security, then forced into exile. As we enter into Advent, we think about Christ’s immigration story, not only as a refugee in Egypt,  but  more  importantly his willingness to identify immigrants as us rather than them.

Let  us  use  this  time to remember our own immigration story. This is the time  to  stand in solidarity with those whose daily existence more closely reflect  the  diaspora  experience, such us immigrants, refugees, displaced people and communities of color.

MCC  offers  many  resources  to  help  you  on  this  immigration journey, including  worship, learning and advocacy materials. I encourage you to use these  and  other  resources  in  your congregation in large or small group settings.

Immigration Resources

If you have questions about any of these resources or would like more information, please contact Jorge E. Vielman, MCC Great Lakes Peace and Justice Coordinator, at (574) 534-4133  or