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Cheese Booth
We are grateful to all who pitched in to help at the Berkey Cheese Booth during the sale. Once again it was a great success; we made approximately $4,300 from cheese sales to benefit the work of MCC. Thank you to all who made this possible. – Cheese Booth Committee: Dan & Vanessa Adcock, Justin & Hannah Heinzekehr, Joel & Naomi Kern


My Coins Count and Relief Sale Total
Thank you to all the children and adults at Berkey Ave.for your generosity and enthusiasm in supporting My Coins Count this year at the Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale (MMRS) with your contribution of $3,580.98. Congregations, along with matches from local businesses, raised over $121,000 for MyCC – helping families gain access to life-giving water.

Available water in Nairobi, Kenya helps kids improve their health and gives them a better chance to succeed in school. In Afghanistan, available water makes kitchen gardens possible, with better nutrition and health for the whole family. Clean water in Haiti reduces the spread of deadly cholera. Water is life and its availability improves lives and reduces conflicts over scarce resources.

The MMRS total this year will be over $445,000. Thank you for your work and support of the sale, and for sharing your resources in the name of Christ, so other families can have their basic necessities met through Mennonite Central Committee and our partners around the world. – John Martens, MyCC Coordinator, MMRS

Children's Sale

Children’s Auction
Thank you to all who supported the Children’s Activity Center last weekend. Our church, toy collection box seemed to magically fill for the Children’s Auction. The willing persons giving an hour of time, Friday and Saturday, were a real contribution, despite the rain. Unofficially, over $1,200 will be donated toward MCC projects. Plan now for getting involved, planting good seeds in children, in the 2020, the one hundredth anniversary, vision of Mennonite Central Committee.  – Patti MacGregor, Children’s Activity Coordinator