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Mission Commission is planning a trip to Columbia in March 2019 to support our missionaries and see the work of MCC. They are looking for those interested to start planning and see if this is something that might enrich your life.

Elizabeth Miller writes, “One thing that would be helpful for us to know is what Berkey would like to get out of this learning tour. Depending on the group we are hosting and their interests, we could have different focuses–agricultural projects, peace-building from a church perspective, getting to know Anabaptist churches, learning more about the Colombian context, etc. Also, learning tours in Colombia/Ecuador often involve a domestic flight, in addition to the international flight to get here. We usually budget between $70-80 USD per day per person, including food, lodging, transportation, and internal flights.”

Mission Commission is starting to fund this effort and hopes to have upcoming activities to allow all who are interested to make this financially possible. Please let one of the commission members know of your possible interest. – Ron Good, Rick Hostetter, Anna Sawatzky, Darin Short, Joanne Gallardo.