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The Coordinating Council is offering the congregation an opportunity to buy more new chairs for the sanctuary and to replace at least some of the older brown chairs. These new chairs will be identical to the 107 chairs that are currently in the front of the sanctuary. Our chair fund already has about $6,960, enough to buy 49 new chairs. The Council is accepting further donations into the chair fund until the last Sunday of January.

These chairs are made by Sauder Manufacturing in Archbold, Ohio. They cost $140 each, regardless of how many we buy, and have at least 5 advantages over our old chairs:

  • They’re more comfortable for most people’s backs—and consequently more popular. Usually they are the first chairs selected on Sunday mornings.
  • We can fit more of them into the sanctuary (they’re 1 inch narrower than our old chairs).
  • They are designed in a way to accommodate persons of any width.
  • They’re sturdier and will likely last longer than our old chairs.
  • Each has its own book rack.

However, we also know that some people prefer the brown chairs because they are more comfortable for their body type. If you prefer the brown chairs, please contact Dan Schrock. He will keep a running tally and ensure that we keep enough brown chairs for the people who like them better.

If you want to give to this fund beyond what you already contribute to the budget, then please write “chair fund” in the memo line of your check. We’ll buy as many new chairs as we have money for, while reserving brown chairs for those who want them.
~The Coordinating Council