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Continue to collect your coins and cash for MCC’s My Coins Count. Or, consider a matching grant. Berkey children and teens are invited to participate by raising money for the project. Parents may want to suggest the monetary value ahead of time with age appropriate tasks, like two quarters, fifty cents or five dollars. Be creative and make it fun!

Possible task ideas include:
washing all the bikes and toys in the garage
cleaning out your dad or mom’s sock drawer
sweeping the front sidewalk
placing a sign outside, “ A dog walker for water project”
placing a sign outside, “Hire: weed puller for water project.”
Practice, then sing or play your instrument on video chat to a grandparent
The Water Calendar and Water Fun Page are great MCC resources for households. View this YouTube video to learn the latest ways MCC is assisting in water projects around the world. Questions? Contact Patty MacGregor or a member of our Cheese Booth Committee.