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Mennonite Central Committee thanks all of us at Berkey for our generosity and enthusiasm in supporting My Coins Count (MyCC) this year at the Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale (MMRS) with our contribution of $787.70. Together, with matches from local businesses, MyCC raised over $130,000, helping families gain access to life-giving water.

When water is available, children are better fed and are healthier. Families can garden and generate income to pay education and/or medical expenses. Communities have less conflict over scarce resources. One mother gratefully shared that having enough food and water prevents her children from becoming thieves in order to survive.

The Michiana Sale total this year was over $477,000. They thank us for our work and support of the sale, and for sharing our resources in the name of Christ, so other families can have their basic necessities met through Mennonite Central Committee and our partners around the world.