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Four new books have been added to the Berkey library:

Home Town Tales: Recollections of Kindness, Peace, and Joy, by Philip Gulley. Life was uncomplicated and people knew each other by name. Folks cared for one another and were willing to do what was right–no matter the cost. Philip Gulley takes you there in these tender stories. Inspired by his own Indiana hometown of Danville, each story unforgettably celebrates timeless values and enduring virtues.

Amish Women: A Woman’s Journey through Her Amish Past and Conversations with Ten Amish Women, by Louise Stoltzfus who grew up in an Old Order Amish community and church. No longer Amish, she offers a gentle, lyrical inside view of Amish womanhood.

We Are Displaced: My Journey and stories from Refugee Girls Around the World, by Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize winner and NY Times bestselling author. In a time of immigration crises, war, and border conflicts, this book is an important reminder that every single one of the 68.5 million currently displaced is a person with hopes and dreams, and that everyone deserves universal human rights and a safe home.

Love in a Broken Vessel, by Mesu Andrews. God gives Hosea a difficult command–marry a prostitute in order to show God’s people the nature and depth of His love for Israel. Hosea finds Gomer broken and abused, unwilling to trust Hosea or his God. But when marrying Hosea becomes her only means of escape, Gomer does what she’s good at–she survives. Read how Hosea’s love for God and God’s love for israel restore Gomer’s broken spirit.