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Advent begins this Sunday, and our focus will be on Mary. Each week we’ll look through a different “window” onto Mary’s experience as an astonished yet willing participant in God’s mission. The “windows” or aspects of Mary include:Advent 1: Perplexed

Advent 2: Breaker of Codes
Advent 3: Friend
Advent 4: Theologian
Christmas Eve: Mother
1st Sunday After Christmas: Political Threat
2nd Sunday After Christmas: Refugee

In several ways, Mary’s consent to collaborate with God turned her life upside down. To help us get a very small taste of upside down living, the planning committee has decided not to provide bulletins during this series. Worship and song leaders will simply announce the next part of the worship service. We live in a literate culture whereas Mary lived in an oral culture, so going without bulletins is a small way to leave our written papers and enter into a more oral mode.
Thanks to Deb Brubaker, Jenae Longenecker, Judy Weaver, David Zehr, and Dan Schrock for planning these services.