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As we look forward to worshiping in-person this Sunday, May 30, the Worship Commission would like to share plans for the morning with you all. To begin with, we recognize the wide variety of levels of risk and comfort of people within the congregation. It is challenging to sort out how we will best function together but our starting point is to care for those of us who are immune-compromised and parents of children, for whom not knowing who is vaccinated can be a source of anxiety.
       We are being cautious as we start out. As we get more experience from Sunday to Sunday, our plans will change and evolve.
       We will be wearing masks and asking people to maintain social distancing. As an aid to seeing what a 6’ distance looks like we will lay out a grid of 6’ shapes. There will be people sitting in different size groups, so this grid is only a way to see the space that should separate people and each group of people.
       If you are in a family, an established bubble, or if people are vaccinated you can choose to sit together. Please maintain space of 6’ between each person or group.
       When you come, park around the perimeter of the parking lot to keep the worship space open.
       The service will continue to be carried over Zoom and the regular process for joining will be the same as it has been. Zoom worship will be different as the focus moves to our worship outdoors. If weather requires us to move the whole service to Zoom, you will get an email notifying you of that by 8:00 Sunday morning.
       As we said when we began worshiping via Zoom, we recognize we will make mistakes, and we will work to improve each week. Please give us and each other grace as we all muddle through. Thanks,
–Worship Commission (Merrill Krabill, Lindsy Diener-Locke, Katie O’Leary, Patsy Sherer, Greg Smucker, Mark Schloneger)