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Peace Club will meet immediately following nurture hour this Sunday, November 11. Here are some things you should know:

If you still have a Peace Club T-shirt, you are urged to wear it. For those who no longer have one, or never had one, we will get your name and size to have shirts for you before the next meeting.
Remember to bring a can of food for the Window, to be sure they have plenty of food to prepare a nice Thanksgiving meal for people who otherwise might go hungry.
We’ll be thinking about the native people who lived here before people (like our families) arrived. In your nurture hour class, you should have gotten the message to memorize a poem about Indian children, and were promised a small reward if you did it. You still have time to do it. The poem begins, “Where we go to school each day, Indian children used to play….”
We will have native people’s food for lunch including some bison stew, a fun yoga break, learn some things about Sacagawea, and try our hand at making a corn-husk figure.