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We have heard from many persons in our congregation who have a desire and passion for helping to meet the needs of immigrants in our country. Over the past several months the mission commission has explored how it is we, as a congregation, might be able to support this desire and passion. Although we anticipate having further discussion about the opportunities to support immigrants at the national and even global level, we have decided to first explore what we might be able to do locally. Locally, we have many immigrants and organizations who are supporting these immigrants and we think there is a great opportunity to both support and relate to the immigrants and organizations in our backyard. Indeed, the opportunity to relate with immigrants aligns well with our congregational goal of “helping each person at Berkey engage Christ’s ministry…inter-generationally and interculturally.” Before we decide on anything specific, though, we need to know what level of interest and commitment we are able and willing to make as a body, as an entire congregation. As such, please complete this very brief survey by October 4