A Larger God

February 3, 2013



One Sunday morning last summer while on vacation, I visited another church not far from here. This isn’t a Mennonite church, but a church that belongs to another denomination. I had never been to this church before, so my first decision was how to dress—in particular, whether or not to wear a tie. I decided to lean toward the side of slightly dressed up. I put on a tie.

I arrived about 15 minutes before the worship service began and found my way to the foyer, just outside the sanctuary. The church looked like it was about the same size as Berkey. Lots of people were milling about, most of them talking excitedly to each other, warm smiles on their faces, shaking each other’s hands, giving each other hugs. Clearly they enjoyed being with each other.

Bible References

  • Luke 4:21 - 30


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