A Taste and a Glimpse

February 9, 2020


As soon as Nancy Pelosi ripped up the pages of the State of the Union,
the Twitterazzi went to work.
Some were filled with delight, loving that open display of defiance
to a President’s troubling behavior and policies.
Others were filled with outrage.
It was disrespectful, they said,
a sign that those others are more interested in bringing down a President
than doing what’s best for the country.

No matter how you felt or thought about all that happened last Tuesday evening
and no matter what was said during the President’s speech,
I don’t think there’s anything that communicates
our country’s State of the Union better
than the refused handshake and the ripped up speech.
And the thing is, both of those actions did nothing more than demonstrate contempt for the other side.
In fact, that was their purpose —
to “rally the troops” in an election year by appealing to shared hostility and disgust.
It’s theater when you think about it —
in the round at the Capitol Building, The Polarized People’s Playhouse.
It would be truly humorous
if this drama didn’t have very real consequences.
We all get sucked into it – is there any way to avoid it?

Bible References

  • Matthew 5:13 - 20