A Two-Handed Theology

September 6, 2020


I have had a really difficult time loving my neighbor lately. I mean that both in the literal and more metaphorical sense. I don’t understand the point of view of my actual neighbor. She tells me about how our current pandemic has been planned, because she saw “Plandemic” before the media shut it down. She says the COVID cases are so high because of Black Lives Matter protesters. She and her husband also fly a huge military flag above the American flag on their front lawn. While I understand a need to find something that makes “sense” during this senseless time, I don’t get it. I think that way of thinking could be harmful.

My other “neighbor,” or the other people God wants me to love, are also proving difficult. People who support the shooting of protestors, who want another 4 years of oligarchy and racism, who fly the confederate flag from their enormous trucks, and who don’t wear masks because they say science isn’t real…I am finding it near impossible to love these people.

Bible References

  • Romans 13:8 - 14