Becoming a Safer Church

February 3, 2019


Ideally, many of us would like to think church is one of the safest places one can be. We all know each other, consider one another decent people, and nothing untoward may have happened to us recently, or maybe even ever in a church setting. We’re like a family. We’ve trusted each other with some of our most deeply held thoughts and emotions. We’ve confessed, we’ve been reconciled, we’ve connected with each other deeply.

All of what I said is true. And there is no “but.” I suggest an “also.” Also, not everyone’s experience of church is the same. For some, church has been a place of deep hurt, or violation, or a place where trust has been broken with people in positions of authority or perceived authority. In a less severe fashion, we are not always our best selves at church. Church is sometimes the last place we want to be. Sometimes church is difficult on a number of levels.

Bible References

  • Psalm 139:1 - 18