November 10, 2013



If you have lived a charmed life, this sermon will not make much sense to you. if things in your life have almost always gone your way, if you have had lots of money, if you have had good health, and if success has come easily to you, then the rest of this sermon will not appeal to you.

But if you have tasted bitter defeat, if you have smacked your nose into a high stone wall, if you have lived through pain beyond words, if you have struggled and striven and strived and still failed, then perhaps you will find something here to sustain your days.

I want to speak about the resurrection of the dead. Charmed people don’t have much use for the resurrection of the dead. If my life cruises right along without bumps and sun perpetually shines on me, why would I be interested in a resurrection of the dead? My life is excellent already. The idea of moving to a better existence will not lure me because everything I want I already possess.

Bible References

  • Luke 20:27 - 38