Courageous Obedience

June 2, 2024




This week I spent my days doing two main things. During the beginning of the week and last week, I have been studying the book of Daniel, which will be part of our focus for our summer series that we are beginning today.

And then on Friday and Saturday I was on a retreat with Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary called Trees of Life. We learned a lot about these amazing parts of creation and how they might connect with our faith.

In learning more about trees, I was filled with awe at the natural world- its beauty and complexity, and the amazing things we are still uncovering about it

And, as often happens when considering our environment, I feel despair and overwhelm at what we are doing to it.

But in my reading in preparation for this retreat, I came across tree researcher Suzanne Simmard. And she has hope. She says that the first thing we must do is re-imagine ourselves as part of this network.

Which brings me to the second focus for our summer series- wild church.

Bible References

  • Daniel 2:24 - 49