Divine Inbreaking

December 17, 2023


Thousands of people killed at the hands of the powerful.

Buildings, houses, and towns destroyed

Revolts crushed mercilessly

Massive displacement

Pregnant women with no place to give birth- no room in the hospital, or neighbors homes,

or the inn




This is a heavy place to begin. And maybe not something we want to be reminded of this close to Christmas. I remember distinctly visiting a church one Christmas that retold the story of the massacre of the infants. And I could not believe it! It was Christmas for crying out loud! For one thing I thought, we are not coming to church at Christmas to hear this. And for another, What kind of God is this whose birth, even, caused such loss and whose holy book tells of it right next to the story of Jesus’ birth?

And maybe these are good questions to ask. We have explored this Advent season how questions and honest wrestling with God and faith are GOOD and faithful responses to our journey. That’s where I was at that time.

But suffering, loss, and oppression is where many in the world begin day after day.

Bible References

  • Luke 1:39 - 56