Fear . . . and God

January 12, 2014



Each of us here this morning knows what it is to be afraid. I have a friend who has an unusual and chronic disease that’s notoriously difficult to treat. In a desperate search for better health, he has traveled to several cities to consult with specialists in big-name medical centers. One of these specialists finally told him, “Yes, I know what your disease is and I know how to treat it. But you’re not going to like the treatment. It will take a long time. Before you get better, you’re going to feel a lot worse than you already do right now. It will exhaust you. Quite frankly, you should know the treatment is so bad that some patients choose to stop part of the way through. Some people don’t make it. You are going to need all the courage and hope you can muster.”

My friend wants to feel better in the long run, so he’s going to accept the treatment. Yet in the short run, he’s afraid of what lies ahead.

Bible References

  • Isaiah 43:1 - 7