Forbearing with Others in the Church

May 17, 2015


This summer in Kansas City, delegates to our denominational convention will discuss five resolutions. The first resolution talks about our opposition to sexual violence, the second talks about our hope for peace in Israel-Palestine, and the third talks about what it means for American Mennonites to live in a country that uses drones to make war on other nations. Marilyn and Elizabeth Miller are the delegates from our congregation.

But in today’s sermon and Sunday school we want to focus on the other two resolutions which speak about issues related to LGBTQ persons. At the end of this worship service, we will give you a packet of information that has these two resolutions. In this joint sermon, I’ll offer some background to these resolutions, while Marilyn will focus on the meaning of forbearance that figures prominently in the resolutions. Then in the Christian education hour, we will form into small groups so every person from MYF up can say what you think about these resolutions. We’ll gather all your responses so Elizabeth and Marilyn know how to represent us.

Bible References

  • 1 John 4:1 - 12